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Voice of the Iraq Veteran #3: Harvey Tharp / "Women Together As One"

Voice of the Iraq Veteran #3 Harvey Tharp is a former US Navy Lt. who served in Kirkuk, Iraq from 2003 to 2004. He resigned from the Navy rather than go back. In this episode of "Voice of the Veteran" he explains what turned him around."Women Together As One" "As a filmmaker and sociologist, I work to uncover power relations reflected in discourses of race, gender, class, sexuality and notions of empire to stimulate critical and creative thinking, a sense of agency and a revolution in consciousness."Gilda L. Sheppard, Ph.D. Gilda Sheppard's documentary film "Women Together as One" was the first ever short film selected for showing by Fest Afrique 360 at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival in France. Gilda generously allowed us to feature it on our show (PepperSpray's Lila Kitaeff got editing credits on this piece). "Women Together as One" focuses on work Sheppard did with Liberian women refugees who live at the Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana, West Africa. She worked with the refugees to organize and design classes for economic sustainability (computer literacy, adult literacy, cosmetology, catering, sewing and tie and dye workshops) and school scholarships for their children. In this piece we see the women, strong and powerful, full of laughter and life, breaking media "victim" stereotypes at the rate of 30 frames per second.Global Voices: The world is talking. Are you listening?http://www.globalvoicesonline.orgIndymedia Presents is also available as an RSS feed at:Blip TV-- or download/subscribe to the Indymedia Presents podcast via the iTunes Store.BE THE MEDIA!Pepperspray Productions formed shortly after the WTO protests in Seattle, in response to the Independent Media Center's call, "don't hate the media, be the media!". We believe that the Corporate Media is not telling us the whole story, and that the people must make our own media if we want our voices to be heard.Related websites:Independent Media Center NewsRealhttp://www.newsreal.indymedia.orgFree Speech TV:http://freespeech.orgThank You Lt. Watadahttp://www.thankyoult.orgCourage To Resisthttp://www.couragetoresist.orgIraq Veterans Against the Warhttp://www.ivaw.orgVeterans for Peacehttp://www.veteransforpeace.orgMilitary Families Speak Outhttp://www.mfso.orgGold Star Families for Peace"Indymedia Presents" is a 28 minute weekly cable public access program produced on behalf of the Seattle Independent Media Center (IMC) by PepperSpray Productions. In addition to SCAN Channel 77 in Seattle, "Indymedia Presents" also airs on channels in greater King County (Channel 23), Bainbridge Island (Channel 12), Port Townsend, WA (Channel 47 & 48), Olympia, WA (Channel 22), Vancouver, WA (Channel 11), Portland, OR (Channel 22 and a few others), Tucson, AZ (Channel 73), St Paul, MN (Channel 15), Minneapolis, MN (Channel 17), Fort Wayne, IN (Channel 57), and on New York City's Manhattan Neighborhood Network, (Channel 34).

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